At Enteliér, we care about sustainable development and planet friendly process because we believe that companies that care about the environment and the community in which we live are the future of economy and development. That is why we want to show you how we approach production, running a business, environmental issues and cooperation with partners.


  • All our clothes are designed by us and sewn locally in Poland in small sewing rooms in limited editions


  • For production, we try to use natural fabrics, of about 80% of production is: viscose, cotton, linen, silk, wool. Some of fabrics are organic and we have special certificates, Eco frendly, GOTS or Recycled standard for wool or mulesing free. Sometimes it is necessary to use artificial fabrics if the design requires it, e.g. to make the fabric less wrinkled, or an additive to the fabric for longer life. We buy fabrics in the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Italy
  • All merino wool, cashmere, mohair and alpaca sweaters are made from yarns of controlled origin. This was confirmed by appropriate certificates of Textile Exchange standards, including RWS for sheep wool, RMS for mohair and RAS for alpaca wool. These certificates confirm the natural origin of the yarn, but that’s not all – they also confirm the welfare of the animals from which they were obtained, including the satisfaction of all their basic needs and the ability to behave naturally.
  • We do not use fur or dangerous chemicals in the production of materials
  • We send online orders in biodegradable packaging, a cardboard box made of light cardboard and a biodegradable polybag, and we pack the clothes in a delicate, undyed paper
  • We pay a lot of attention to the rules of clothes care and we educate our clients on how to take care of clothes to keep them long-lasting


  • We try to make the construction of our clothes comfortable and ensure quality and long-term use
  • We care about the minimum amount of waste in production
  • We offer our clients clothes repair services, if something breaks or the belt is lost, we repair the clothes, we send the lost part, we advise clients how to wash clothes, we care about wearing clothes as long as possible We are running an R&D project with a fabric recycling company to produce garments from recycled fabrics


  • We work with sewing companies that we know well and we know that they have good working conditions and fair pay
  • In cooperation with all entities, we believe that mutual respect shown to all people with whom we work and cooperate, as well as equal treatment and the principles of fair play, are very important
  • We believe that a work-life balance is very important and we make sure that our associates and employees have such conditions


  • We produce clothes on a regular basis from small batches so as not to store, throw away or destroy clothes
  • We develop our company gradually, we approach the issue of investing and increasing production capacity responsibly, we produce as many clothes as we can sell at a given moment and we gradually develop the brand
  • We pack our products in natural or recycled materials
  • We encourage our clients to buy responsibly, we also do not run large promotional campaigns, we want our clients to buy as many clothes as needed
  • We care about the continuous development of our company in terms of new opportunities that appear on the market in the field of responsible business development

If you think that there are still some areas that we have not taken into account or that we can do more, please contact us.