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Welcome to Enteliér world!

Enteliér is a Polish brand that combines beauty, femininity, classics, elegance and timelessness.

The name of the brand refers to the French word atelier, the studio of an artist who creates his vision of beauty. The brand’s philosophy is to create clothes for a woman who chooses what is good for her in life. The Enteliér woman  loves beauty in all aspects of life. For her, clothing is part of a larger whole and allows her to compose her own style, simple, timeless, and at the same time exclusive because it requires choices. An Enteliér woman is a woman who perceives femininity as fullness. She is both sensual and emotional as well as strong and courageous in her choices.

Enteliér clothes are designed with the utmost care for cut, finish and details. We select the best quality materials, some of them are made to order for our brand. When designing, we think about women, because they inspire us. Our offer includes high-quality jackets, dresses and coats, shirts and blouses, as well as trousers and skirts. All models are designed and sewn in Poland in the best sewing rooms with traditions.